Long term health conditions during coronavirus

If you have a long term health condition it's important that you continue to manage it to stay well. Social distancing is particularly important for anyone with a long term condition. Visit Stockport Council’s social distancing and self isolation pages to find out the latest guidance on reducing your social interaction with people.

If you have a condition which makes you extremely clinically vulnerable to coronavirus, you need to follow the government's advice on shielding yourself from others.

National charities and the NHS have worked together to produce specific guidance for people affected by long term health conditions. Visit our common long term health conditions in Stockport page for more information on each condition.

What is a long term health condition?

Long term conditions are health problems or illnesses which cannot be cured at present but can be controlled with medicines and other treatments.

Long term conditions include:

  • diabetes
  • heart disease
  • asthma
  • high blood pressure
  • cancer or effects of cancer treatment

Thousands of people in Stockport are currently known to be living with one or more long term health condition. Find information on the most common long term health conditions in Stockport on our web pages.

There are many causes of long term conditions including:

  • family history
  • lifestyle factors
  • exposure to harmful environmental influences

You can help to reduce your risk of developing many long term conditions by:

If you're already living with a long term condition, a healthy lifestyle can help prevent flare ups, delay your condition getting worse and improve symptoms.