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How to reach and keep a healthy weight

Finding the right balance

Reaching and keeping your body at a healthy weight is about finding the right balance.

It's a combination of eating a healthy balanced diet - the right foods in the right amounts and doing the right amount of exercise for you.

Food provides energy which is measured in calories. You use this energy up when you’re moving or even standing still. The amount of calories you use up or ‘burn’ depends on how active you are.

Moving more is important in helping you balance the calories you take in with the calories you use up. This is how you’ll maintain a healthy weight:

  • you’ll gain weight if you take in more calories than you use up
  • you’ll lose weight if you use up more calories than you take in
  • you’ll maintain a healthy weight if you balance the calories you take in with the calories you use up

You can find out how to make healthy eating and drinking part of your everyday life on our healthy eating pages.

Visit our move more pages to find out how to move more every day.

In some cases people may gain weight due to an underlying health condition. You can find out more on the NHS website.

If you're concerned about being underweight the NHS website also has information to help you.