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Stay steady

Slippers, shoes, foot care and clothing

Your feet carry you everywhere, so it's important that you look after them.

Problems with your feet can hamper your mobility and affect your balance. This may make you feel less confident to go out and about.

Speak to your GP or health professional if you're experiencing any problems with your feet. For example;

  • painfulness
  • tingling
  • decreased sensation

Make sure that your clothes fit well. If they're trailing, they may cause you to trip.

What you can do:

  • keep your toenails short
  • keep your feet well moisturised
  • wear well fitting shoes and slippers. Footwear should have a good grip, low heels, not too thick soles and easy fastenings
  • always wear slippers or shoes indoors and avoid walking on slippery floors in tights or socks
  • long handled shoe horns, spongers and other aids are available from selected shops
  • always tie belts and cords on clothes and dressing gowns
  • hem clothes that are too long

Visit the NHS website to find information about foot problems and podiatry.

Age UK also have lots of information and advice about how to look after your feet.