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Acts of kindness have ‘feel good magic’ for us all, especially when you don’t expect anything in return. It doesn’t have to cost money. Your time, your words and your presence all count.

What one thing could you add into your weekly routine?

Stockport has a Volunteer Hub of over 600 people, not to mention organisations such as:

  • Healthwatch
  • Arc
  • Walthew House
  • Beechwood Cancer Care
  • many others, who all co-ordinate their own volunteers around the borough


  • Drop someone a line, just to say thank you or that you appreciate them.

  • Get involved as a volunteer in Stockport, no matter how much time you can give.

  • Try microvolunteering. These are small things you can do at any time, like sharing a charity’s social post, picking up a small amount of litter or signing a petition.

  • Work to reduce your carbon footprint. Offer to car share with someone, reduce food waste or get involved with climate action.

  • Give way to someone next time you drive somewhere.

  • Support a charity, by giving a donation, organising a fundraising event or donating items to a charity shop.

Volunteering in Stockport

Since the start of the pandemic, those in need within Stockport have benefitted from the generosity of people giving their time for free, to help others.