Stress: things that may help over the coming weeks

Keeping up with the 5 ways to wellbeing

The 5 ways to wellbeing can help you feel better in a number of ways. It’s good to keep them in mind every day.

Courses and helpful tools

Recognise signs of stress in yourself

Knowing how you feel and behave at times of stress can help you spot that you’re getting stressed before things get too bad. If you see those feelings and behaviours starting to pop up, try some of the techniques on our things that can help straight away webpage.

Think about why you’re stressed

It might be helpful to try to work out why you’re stressed in the first place:

  • think about what’s causing your stress. Sort them into issues with a practical solution, things that will get better with time and things you cannot do anything about. Take control by taking small steps towards the things you can improve
  • if you think it might be related to something that’s recently happened to you visit our webpage