Anger: things that may help right away

Ways to safely work through anger

  • step away from the situation at hand
  • try counting to 10
  • add breathing exercises into your daily routine
  • try relaxation techniques. For example, the Feel Good app can help relax your body and mind with a series of audio tracks
  • do some exercise. Exercise can be good for getting rid of angry energy. Even going for a short walk will take you out of the situation
  • use up energy in other ways that do not hurt yourself or others. For example, you could try tearing up a newspaper, hitting a pillow or smashing ice cubes in a sink
  • do something with your hands. Creative activities such as making something, colouring or writing can help to distract yourself mentally and physically
  • take a cold shower
  • make sure to look after your body. Are you hungry, thirsty or tired?
  • speak to someone who is not directly connected to the situation. This can help you to understand why you're angry and calm down

There’s always someone to talk to for free:

  • over the phone. If you're struggling to cope, or feel overwhelmingly low, Open Door has a mental health helpline. Call 0800 138 7276, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • in person. Open Door also provides a mental health daytime safe haven in the centre of Stockport that you're welcome to visit. Find more information on their opening times
  • online. Sign up to Kooth (age 10-25) or Qwell (age 26 and over) to talk to a qualified professional or other people in the community

Help if you think your behaviour is abusive

Visit the Respect website if you’re worried about some of your behaviours and want to take steps to change them.