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Healthy habits

If you’re not used to exercising and need a starting point or if you simply struggle to find the time, we’ve listed a few ways that you can easily fit activity into your day and get moving:

  1. Take the stairs more instead of a lift
  2. Have a spring clean – this will get you lifting, scrubbing and stretching
  3. Carry a shopping basket rather than pushing a trolley
  4. Park your car further away to make yourself do a short walk
  5. Get off the bus a stop earlier so you have to walk a little further
  6. Try pacing or standing while you’re on the phone
  7. Set an alarm to remind you that you’ve been sat down for too long
  8. Get gardening – digging, mowing and weeding are great ways to get the muscles working
  9. Exercise while watching TV, the NHS choices website has some great exercises you can do sat down
  10. Walk your children to and from school rather than driving
  11. Cycle or walk as part of your journey to work
  12. Walk to the shops instead of driving
  13. Walk up escalators rather than standing still
  14. Take the children to the park and play some games.

There are so many ways to start living an active everyday life – and it doesn’t need to be difficult. You can start by picking a couple of the tips above and gradually work more of these habits into your life.

Visit the NHS get active your way page for more ideas on how to build physical activity into your life.