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Getting support under the age of 26

Mosaic offers a number of free services to young substance users up to the age of 26. If you're worried or have a concern, we offer support to:

  • carers
  • parents
  • family members
  • children

At Mosaic we know it can sometimes be difficult to talk openly and honestly, especially about drugs and alcohol. We'll try to make it as easy as we can for you and come to see you where you want to be seen. This could be:

  • at school
  • at college
  • in the community
  • at home

We offer a range of services for young people and families who live in Stockport. This includes services that provide support for:

  • young people who want help and advice about their drug and alcohol use
  • young people who may need medical support from our in-house doctor and nurse relating to their drug and alcohol use. We can also provide:
    • blood borne virus screenings
    • access to vaccinations
    • access to sexual health screenings
  • any family member, parent or friend affected by somebody else's substance misuse
  • parents of any age who are worried about how their drug and alcohol use affects their children
  • students who wants advice and support, or has a question about their own or somebody else's drug or alcohol use

Contact us:

If you're a young person that is concerned with a parent or carers substance misuse, email

You can make a referral if you're a:

  • young person under the age of 26
  • family member
  • friend
  • professional

If you're making referral for a young person, they must be aware that you're making the referral.

You can fill in our online form to make a self-referral.

Make a Mosaic referral

Find information about getting the right support for you if you're aged 26 or over.