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Family and friends

Getting support

Stockport services understand the stress and emotional strain someone’s alcohol misuse can have on the person’s family and friends, and we’re here to offer them the help and support they might need.

We can offer them information and advice and explain the health risks, what the person misusing alcohol is experiencing and the options available to help them.

We’re also here to help family and friends manage the stress, anxiety and problems which someone else’s alcohol misuse is causing them.

The types of help available include:

  • advice
  • counselling
  • group work
  • holistic and complementary therapies
  • information
  • relaxation techniques
  • support.

Talk with the START today

For more information about the services available to family, friends and concerned others please contact the START on 0161 474 3141 or email on and a member of the team will contact you.