Stockport Moving Together physical activity recovery programme

If you're inactive and want to get moving again, we've partnered with local organisations to launch a new coronavirus physical activity recovery programme called Stockport Moving Together (#StockportMovingTogether) .

The programme includes a range of initiatives that will continue to be developed as we progress into the recovery phase of the pandemic. Initiatives include the Local Pilot, which existed pre-coronavirus, as well as new initiatives that have appeared since the outbreak began.

The #StockportMovingTogether hashtag will tie this programme with national, Greater Manchester wide and local initiatives under a single banner. This means content and services will be localised to the borough. For example; if you follow the hashtag on social media you'll find the latest news and information about physical activity in Stockport:

  • campaigns. For example; That Counts!
  • instructional videos to help you get moving
  • general information on physical activity

Make sure you follow the #StockportMovingTogether hashtag on social media, or to get moving now, visit GreaterSport’s website for some great tips.

Benefits of moving more

It’s been proved that the benefits of movement go much further than just weight loss. It can also help you to:

  • reduce your risk of conditions like heart disease and diabetes
  • release stress, leaving you feeling happier and more relaxed
  • have more energy, making daily tasks easier
  • enjoy a better, deeper sleep
  • improve your social life by joining groups and classes

Many things count as movement, as long as:

  • your heart rate gets up
  • you feel a little sweaty and warmer
  • you’re breathing faster

By making positive changes that you can manage, you'll benefit from the rewards of movement for years to come.