Additional support and advice

Find support and resources to help you make changes to your weight.

Local support

Stockport Triage, Assessment & Referral Team (START)

The START team can offer advice and support to help you make changes to your weight and feel more confident about making these changes. Get in touch.

A Better Life (ABL) Stockport

ABL Stockport offer a free adult weight management service. Group sessions and one to one support is also available.

Find out more about their weight management service.

Food Activity Balance (FAB)

A free family weight management service designed to support families and provide practical advice on how to improve the lifestyles of children and their families. Sessions cover a range of nutrition advice and physical activities and help with making healthier choices.

For more information and advice, call 0161 870 6492.


If you have a BMI over 35, you may be eligible for services provided by MoreLife. Ask your GP about a referral to this programme.

Greater Manchester Nutrition and Hydration programme

The Greater Manchester Nutrition and Hydration programme raises awareness about malnutrition and hydration in older people. Their website includes tips and advice for eating and drinking well if you're older or a vulnerable person.

You can also download their Eat, Drink, Live Well booklet which offers some simple ideas to help you add calories to meals and make food preparation easier.


NHS Better Health

For a range of tools and support to help you start healthier eating habits, move more and start losing weight. It includes the free NHS weight loss plan. You can also find special offers on a range of other weight loss plans.

Change 4 Life

You'll find information, ideas and resources to help you and your family eat well and move more. There's also information to help your child maintain a healthy weight by cutting back on how much sugar they eat.

NHS Live well

For a range of healthy weight and weight loss advice and information for adults and children of different ages.

British Nutrition Foundation

Advice and tips on how to put healthy eating and an active lifestyle into practice.