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Cancer awareness in the community

We are working with local communities across Stockport to talk about cancer.

Cancer survival rates are improving all the time. If cancer is diagnosed early, treatments are much more likely to be effective.

By raising awareness of cancer in the community, we can support individuals to take positive actions to reduce their chance of cancer and spot early warning signs of cancer.

We visit everyday places like supermarkets, churches, mosques, coffee mornings, community events and local employers to talk about topics including:

  • cancer myths
  • how we can reduce our chance of cancer
  • why early diagnosis saves lives
  • information about cancer screening
  • barriers that people might face

We adapt what we do for the needs of different people across Stockport’s communities. We can offer:

  • free interactive workshops
  • creative quizzes and games
  • informal chats
  • engaging stalls (as part of other events)
  • staff training
  • the opportunity to become an Answer Cancer champion

To find out more about how we can work with you and your organisation to raise awareness of cancer, you can get in touch with us at