Taking notice

Taking notice is all about remembering the simple things that we appreciate every day. Research has found that if we slow down and focus on the things around us, it can help us to stop worrying about the past or the future.

How could you make ‘taking notice’ part of your weekly routine?


  • Practice mindfulness by viewing the videos created by Pennine Care.

  • Take a slightly different route to work or to the shops.

  • Spend some time with nature and animals. Stroke a pet, buy a plant for your home or feed the ducks.

  • Take regular breaks from screens. Many phones now allow you to set limits on your social media use too.

  • Find new ways to focus on just one sense at a time. Listen to music with the lights off or enjoy a meal with no other distraction.

  • Keep a record. This could be a diary or a photograph album on your phone. You could write down one thing you’re thankful for every day or describe new experiences.

Things to do

Taking notice with Arc

Listen to Annette and Hannah talk about how creativity can be mindful.