Connecting with other people

Spending quality time with people can give your mood a boost. You could even be helping to lift someone else out of loneliness too.

There’s strength in numbers. How could you introduce more connection to your weekly routine?


  • Break the ice over text by sending someone a GIF that will make them laugh.

  • Sit beside someone you do not know at your next work meeting and introduce yourself.

  • Introduce 2 friends who do not already know each other.

  • Pay people genuine compliments. It’s a great way to start a conversation.

  • Get to know your neighbours. Pop a card through the letterbox with your phone number, or arrange a weekly dog walk.

  • The Stockport Support Hub can connect you to community groups, even if you’ve found it difficult in the past. Visit the Stockport Support Hub website or call 0161 474 1042.

Things to do

Connecting in the community

Learn more about Friendly Fridays by listening to Pam and Helen.