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Jayne Edwards

Brinnington, Stockport

I was trying to lose weight and knew it would help to do some physical activity. I hated the thought of going to the gym – or even going to a Zumba class or walking group.

However I made the commitment to myself and started walking around the block 10 minutes per day. Then, the next couple of weeks I made the block bigger and was walking 15 minutes per day. Every couple of weeks I made my circuit bigger, walked a little faster and for a little longer - one of my biggest challenges being 'Brinny Hill'.

Six months later I’ve dropped 6 dress sizes and I walk 5-10km a day, every day. I’ve set up my own local group called 'Brinnington Walk 4 life' so others can join in the walking. Who would have thought this from the girl who parked closest to the door at Tesco’s!"