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Where to get support

If your GP has diagnosed you with Prediabetes:

You may want to ask your GP or practice nurse about being referred to Healthier You Diabetes Prevention Programme. It helps you identify and make small changes to your lifestyle to slow or stop it developing.

For more support:

Ask your GP about Physical Activity Referral in Stockport (PARiS). PARiS is a physical activity referral available at local leisure centres in Stockport. You can get an individualised activity programme at a reduced cost.

Find out more information about reducing your risk of developing diabetes including some top tips from:

Diabetes prevention

A routine blood test flagged up Nikki from Stockport as prediabetic. Watch the video below to see how taking part in the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme has changed Nikki's life, giving her a second chance and a healthy future.

Diabetes prevention full video transcript (PDF 19.36Kb)