Long COVID support in Stockport

Stockport Long COVID Assessment Service (LCAS)

If you present to your GP with symptoms that could be long COVID your GP will aim to make a diagnosis by ruling out other causes of your symptoms. This may include having blood tests, X—rays or other investigations.

It's important to exclude other conditions, as they may need medical interventions not available at the Long COVID Assessment Service (LCAS). Once a diagnosis is made you can be referred to the LCAS.

LCAS is based at Romiley Health Centre, where the multidisciplinary team (MDT) meet on Wednesdays. Once your referral to LCAS has been processed you'll be offered an initial telephone assessment.

Your telephone assessment will take around 30 minutes. You'll be asked standard questions and given time to discuss your symptoms. You may be offered some advice or sign-posting. Depending on your symptoms and concerns you'll be offered a face-to-face appointment, or alternative if preferred, with the most appropriate specialist clinician.

Your clinic, or alternative, consultation

The LCAS offers multiple approaches to help you manage your long COVID. You may be assessed, offered advice and information, and then:

  • referred to a specialist service for your treatment. For example; you may have fatigue as your main symptom and be referred to the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME Service. You may have physical deconditioning because of a period of inactivity and be referred to Life Leisure to support you through an appropriate exercise programme
  • offered further appointments within the LCAS. This may be to progress your treatment, or to have a consultation with one of the other specialists. For example; you may initially see a physiotherapist to be supported with breathlessness, and later be offered an appointment with a dietitian for dietary advice

The LCAS are also looking into various Apps that can support people with self-management, while recognising this approach is not for everyone. They also offer alternative methods of rehabilitation. For example; the virtual singing programme provided by English National Opera (ENO), which has been very beneficial for some individuals struggling with breathlessness.