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If you want to make changes to your weight, it’s important not to overwhelm yourself with too much at once. Set yourself goals that are realistic as well as enjoyable, so you can make positive and permanent changes to your life.

Weighing too much or too little can cause serious health problems. By watching your weight and staying within a healthy range you will:

  • reduce your risk of serious conditions like heart disease and diabetes
  • improve your levels of fertility
  • feel more confident and motivated
  • have more energy and find it easier to be active
  • have a stronger immune system.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Reaching and keeping your body at a healthy weight is about finding the right balance.

Food provides energy which is measured in calories and you use this energy up when you’re moving or even standing still. The amount of calories you use up or ‘burn’ depends on how active you are.

Being more active is important in helping you balance the calories you take in with the calories you use up – this is how you’ll maintain a healthy weight.

  • you’ll gain weight if you take in more calories than you use up
  • you’ll lose weight if you use up more calories than you take in
  • you’ll maintain a healthy weight if you balance the calories you take in with the calories you use up.

The first step is to know if your current weight is healthy or not, on the next page we’ll show you how you can find out.

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