Additional support

In Stockport

Viaduct Care Wellbeing and Self-care Service

Viaduct Care Wellbeing and Self-care Service can provide one to one support to help you take control of your own health and wellbeing. Self-care coordinators are based in your GP surgery and can link you into local services and support. They can support you with:

  • long term conditions including hypertension, anxiety, depression, asthma, obesity and diabetes
  • lifestyle issues including diet, physical activity and weight management
  • money issues, relationships, housing and employment
  • social isolation
  • caring issues

To access the service, contact your GP Practice or complete the online self-referral form.

Wellbeing and Independence Network (WIN)

WIN offers support to people aged over 18 living in Stockport. It has 3 small teams:

Community Team

The Community Team can help if you're feeling socially isolated and looking for some extra support, for any reason, to get involved with and access community groups, activities, volunteering.

They offer a personal, one to one service and will get to know you so they can help you find an appropriate activity. If you're worried or not confident about going, they can go with you for the first time.

They also have strong connections with other local organisations, so if you have other issues come to light they can refer you to specialist support. For example; health, employment, finance.

WIN at Home

WIN at home offers support and help to promote greater independence if you're struggling to live at home. For example; adaptations, issues with hoarding.

Community transport

If you're struggling to access public transport community transport can provide a volunteer driver for one off or regular appointments such as hospital appointments or social groups. You'll need to register with the Stockport car scheme and there is a charge, but it's cheaper than a taxi.

Visit the WIN website to find more information or to complete the relevant self-referral form to access support.

Stockport ME Group

The Stockport ME Group welcomes you if you're struggling to recover after COVID. They're best placed to support you if you're struggling with a post-viral syndrome like ME/CFS and have symptoms such as:

  • post exertional malaise
  • unrefreshing sleep
  • brain fog
  • dizziness